Meet Clay Livingston, Owner

Clay has worked in the boating industry for over 15 years and has been boating since a very young age. Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay, going to college in North Carolina and being a South Carolina resident for over 12 years, has given him the opportunity to have boated in some of the best cruising destinations in the country and into the Caribbean.  He has fostered many working relationships in the marine industry across the country and across the world.

Clay started Carolina Boat Brokerage, LLC after being on the new retail side of the business and seeing a growing demand for clean used boats. He kept seeing people selling boats that were only a few years old with very few hours on them for thousands less than new. “Why would you want a new one?” So keeping customer service in the forefront along with keeping overhead low, he founded Carolina Boat Brokerage, LLC in the fall of 2007. Carolina Boat Brokerage focuses the majority of their business on clean, late model outboard powered boats 17-40’. Outboard boats are revolutionizing the market these days.

2007 until now have been some of the most challenging times in the boat business and Carolina Boat Brokerage, LLC has been very successful despite the times. “The most important part of the business is prompt and honest communication” he states. “People want to talk with someone when they pick up the phone or send an email. They want to see detailed photographs and videos of the boat they are looking at.” These people can be many miles away or across the world. It is truly becoming a worldwide market and he is challenged daily by staying on top of it. He constantly studies the market and is prepared to give you honest advice whether you are selling or looking at buying a new boat.

Due to his love for boating in Carolina waters he decided to base his company out of Pawley’s Island, SC which is in the middle of some of the best boating on the Carolina Coast. He won’t list a boat he cannot put his hands on. You can rest assured that Clay has been on the boat he is selling and knows it inside and out. If there is a major problem that he recognizes with the boat, he will not risk his company’s reputation. He will not sell it.

Clay enjoys what he does, and when you love what you do you don’t work a day in your life. He spends the majority of his time either reading about a boat, talking to someone about a boat, washing a boat, fixing a boat,  fishing on a boat, cruising with his family on a boat, or most important of all, doing what it takes to sell a boat!

He genuinely enjoys helping customers find the right boat for their needs so that they too can share some of the same experiences he has.

Contact Clay today for more information. 843-458-5912 or by email at