International Sales

Fair shipping prices and exploding overseas boat markets have allowed Carolina Boat Brokerage to be involved in many international transactions. We have sold boats that have shipped into Asia, Europe, Australia and islands of the Caribbean with many happy customers.

Asia has been a big market for us already and we look forward to working with Asian markets and helping them find the right boat for their new boating lifestyle. Whether you are buying one boat or many per month, we are your source for finding the right boat, no matter what it is! Contact us today.

Australia continues to be a good market for us and it is a pleasure for us to deal with our Aussie friends. Our shipping partners are shipping boats in daily. If you live in Australia and are interested in a certain type of boat, contact us today; we can find your boat for you.

To ship boats into Europe, boats have to be CE Marked. There are only certain boats that can be CE Marked. We know which boats these are and can help you obtain CE Markings. Contact us today.

At Carolina Boat Brokerage, we look forward to helping you with your international boating needs.